Change Log

June 22nd:
– Added Snitch block to Buy Shop – Place it down and it will
Log everything that happens in its radius. Right click the block
with a tool to see info. Also with announce to you whenever
a non allowed player enters the field
– Updated the Custom image section on website
– Update the Rules on website

June 21st:
– Reduced tackle range from 15 – 9

June 20th:
– Added Places section to Player Guide in GUI menu
– Added 1 second global cooldown
– changed CD for Bolt and Harmtouch to 1.5 seconds
– Poison Arrow now does 3 damage per tick for 4 ticks instead of 5 damage per tick for 5 ticks

June 16th:
– Added a ton of new items to the Adventure Land Loot Chests
– Raised Mob spawn rates server wide
– Fixed Problems with Intro
– Fixed GUIs cause server to crash
– Added more loot the Ender Temple chests

June 14th:
– Added 2 Events. One for the Ender Temple and other for the new custom items
– Added Zeus Staff – Cast Lightning on all Mobs Around you (not players)
– Added The Force Staff – Levitate the target your pointing at
– Added Ender Staff – Teleport up to 25 blocks away
– Added Freeze Staff – Shots multiple snowballs slowing Players
– Added Pegasus Boots – Right click to Fly, No fall damage
– Added 5 Buffs Stones – Jump, Speed, Life, Strength and Fast Dig
– Added Day Rune – Make is day in current world
– Added Night Rune – Makes it night in current world
– Added Book of Storms – Make it storm in current world
– Added Book of Sunshine – Makes it stop storming in current world
– Added Freeze Staff – Shots multiple snowballs slowing Players

Update Feb 14,2012


  • Mana bar now on screen
  • Added [ key to open Cape Window
  • Added ] Key to open Skin Window
  • Added Faction Capes
  • Added 2 Skins for each class

Hapiru Island:

  • Fixed Multiplay door bugs. Everyone can take the quest at the same time now


  • targetting should now be less restrictive, allowing the player to target closer to a mobs head, instead of feet
  • root effects now simply apply a very strong slow rather than teleporting the player.
  • slows now reduce jump height so players can not exploit spamming jump to ignore slows
  • Heals properly don’t target other players when you’re not in a party
  • added option to list all specs of a class /hero specs classname
  • FireArrow, IceArrow & PoisonArrow
    • re-written to use mana-per-shot regardless of hitting the target or not
    • will drain the users mana as they stay active. Using the skill will toggle it on/off.
  • LayHands
    • Now affected by healing reduction
    • Now throws a HeroRegainHealth event
  • Wisdom
    • Fixed party-members not getting the correct buff multiplier

Update Feb 12.2012

  • Update Hapiru Island With Loot and quests line.  Plus 4 Quest items
  • Added Cape plug-in Still needs config
  • JukeBoxes can be started with redstone

Update Feb 4. 2012

  • Changed Textures for some items
  • Added Speed Gravel, Reach Glove and Chain items
  • Fixed Mage dropping class on log problem
  • Added Class swapping from Command Window for Price
  • Class Shrine still free

Updated to 1.1: Feb 2, 2012

  • Precious Stone got a huge update so all stone might have to Pick up your blocks and replace them. <– not Sure
  • Custom items now show proper image when dropped on the ground.
  • Damage for a lot of PvP skills have been fixed
  • Bow enchanting added


  • NPC only excepting numerical color codes. no letters. Should be a fix soon

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