Coins = Glowstone dust
Coins are the currency here and each coin is equal to 1$ in your account
View you account balance in the CrookedCraft Menu or

Command Description
/balance or /bal Displays your current balance

Deposit your coins in the bank as soon as you can for safe keeping and easy spending

Right click on the Bank Block and the Banking Window will open

How do i make money?

Selling Items:

  • You an sell almost any item to a Sell Shop. Find them in any major town
  • You can also purchase a Sell Shop for your base from the Service Block Shop
  • Right click with item in hand for a fast price check

Left click a Sell Shop to open the Sell Shop Window

Killing Monsters:

  • Killing monsters can land you some good cash over time.
  • Drop rates change depending on where you are.
  • Killing mobs in the Wild (build World) will not land you as much as mobs in Ventureland
  • Mobs in Ventureland also drop other loot including enchanted gear and custom items

Adventure Loot:

  • Head to Ventureland and explore
  • Chests are hidden all over Ventureland
  • Dungeons reward better so try and locate them


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