– Stick to a medieval fantasy building style.
– If your going to build a squar cobble stone house. just live underground
1. No irresponsible or disturbing behavior. For example bad language, harassing, abusing, spawn camping, racism, sexism, etc.

2. Don’t ask GMs to spawn you items, blocks, mobs etc. CrookedCraft is a hard survival mode server.

3. Be very patient and friendly when talking to staff members. We like you but have lots to do. Getting a response may take time. The only criticism allowed should be constructive.

4. If you find an exploit/hack/cheat you must report it to a Staff member at once.

5. Do not surface mine. Clearing land to build on is fine. Clearing a desert of all sand is not. Sand and Dirt are very cheap at the Buy Shop

6. If you see a player cheating: talk to a Staff member. Don’t accuse them in global chat.

7. Using an exploit/hack/cheat will be met with a ban. Never cheat, we have multiple logging and security plugins. We will find out you cheated so please do not fall for the temptation.

8. Griefing is not allowed. But what does that mean? You may not destroy others buildings or fill them with lava or water etc. Minecraft is not about destroying. It is about creating. Be nice.

9. Low value scamming such as what happens with items qualifies at theft and is acceptable, but not advised, as it will cause others to stop trusting you, and may be corrected by an admin. High value scamming, especially faction-related scams are unacceptable and will be met with a ban.

10. Do not advertise on the server.

11. Vandalism is strictly forbidden. Vandalism is when someone destroys your building in order to be mean. For example breaking all your glass windows and pouring a bucket of lava down your chimney

12. No 1×1 Towers or Bridges of any kind. First a Warning then Jail.  IF you make one to get in a building you BETTER remove it

13. You are not allowed to build with-in 50 blocks of another players base.

14. Abusing pstones to grief and place around others bases is against the rules. pstone are there to help you protect your base. not grief others.


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